THE CAPTAIN (captainz) wrote in icherisherik,

Erik the cowboy.

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He never could resist the appeal of the american cowboy. Then again, who can?

I think in ALW's movie he stood on an angel, but let's just pretend it was the horse. Sorry it's been so long, I've been on vacation. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me!
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Hah! That's awesome!

Nice job on the horse/angel...:D
Thank you. I love your icon. Ryan + Colin = OTP


11 years ago

lololol it's cute!! I love reading these comics...always makes me laugh!! lolol
Hee! <333.
OMG. You totally rock. You and Erik are so teh cool.

Is that his punjab lasso? XD
It's a balloon.


11 years ago


11 years ago

How adorable!
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm gonna make an icon outa that last picture!!!! All credit goes to you of course! That's just too awesome.
That me laugh! This is my far the cutest! *L*
*giggles, and dies*
Hee! Perfect!
I just love you more every time I read one of these!
Lovely. Made my day that much brighter.
I love how he double checks no one can see him! Little Erik is too cute for me to look at. It 's genius, ALL OF IT!

He's so cute!

Bravo ;)
Aww, that is just too adorable :D
Awesome! I loe how the cape drapes as he looks around. Yeehaw indeed!
::falls out of chair laughing:: YOU ROCK!

How tacky would it be if I requested another icon? ;)
this one as an icon i would SO love. It would rock my world. Too cute to pass up..
Ha ha! Should've known that Eric would always carry his lasso with him!
OMG. You rock! That is *halarious* :D
OMG! This is so funny! Maybe the best one yet???
hahaha thats awesome :)
Pwahahaha! XD That's hilarious!
ooooh good job!
and ur teeny-phantom drawing skills are gettin kickass!

I almost spit my water all over my screen. I love it!
it was hard cropping it so you could still see the text.. if anyone wants it then go ahead (just credit me please hehe)..

Image hosted by
ahh!! *screams, steals icon, and runs away*

Luff! <3
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